Raged to the Sky

First it sprinkled sand over the shabby pages,
Then a drop dampened the Poem,
I Crawled for the storm to end,
But dusty gold sky never cried,
Just the raging bolts,
Roaring and hailing,

I looked in the silver forked sky,
It lit me up, like a star.
An eagle rived, just through that cloud’s eye.
Glided from the ether so high,
Calmly flying under the nose of death,
Unafraid, glorious, just born to fly,
I couldn’t stop it,
Unsettled, caged inside,
Raged to the sky,
Raged to the sky.


When you look ugly – part 1

In today’s world, there are many types of people. But basically, we divide them into two categories: Singles and Mingles ( or committed or whatever the hell). Now, you would say that why I am writing it like a 8th class student writing an essay on curruption.  My answer is “I can’t write like the way that you’re thinking”. And as the title, if you are here for fashion and blackheads reduction tips for your godamn face, I am so sorry I am not writing about that. Now back to the topic. So there are definitions of both above mentioned terms. And these are as follows:- 

    Mingles :- People possessing, a person who is their Lover (not always) cum movie buddy cum hangout buddy cum shopping buddy cum bed buddy (not always) cum driver cum ATM card, who is usually of an opposite gender, but there are exceptions too.
    Single :- Poor and ugly people, Lacking above mentioned properties completely. 
    Now why such “Single” People exist. And the reason is a ugly face. For now I am talking about single boys only but girls should also read it. So, mostly, in real life, Guys having good grown beard or whatever, girls find them hot, attractive.

    Gym guys are thieves of girls. And guys like me (I won’t post my photo, please), are the guys which girls don’t find that attractive. Now what happens, we see our crush holding hands with someone else. But we keep our hope alive. Then we try to be like those guys, and the supplier of this stuff is youtube. They try to improve your personality but you mess up everything. And then you fail. We look ugly and don’t have any talent, don’t make us that bad. Girl looking for a talent in you is not looking the real you. She is just looking for a good future not true love. You change your personality for a girl like that. You are leaving the real you, and pretending to be someone she likes. Why? Why would we change ourselves for a girl. Why would we kill ourselves?
    Revolution Begins

    Stay tuned…


    Episode 7: Bunk

    “Let’s crush it” David screamed.
    Bryan started running round and round around the Blue very fast.
    Bryan: I am here bud. (another second) I am behind you now. Now I am here. Now here.
    “Why are you talking while fighting.” Big blue Yelled.
    “Because it keeps my enemy confused” Bryan shouted in front of blue but then suddenly Slided in the Blue’s legs from behind. It was so fast and powerful that it made Blue flew above the ground horizontally. Then suddenly Sarah jumped on Blue, coverd her fists with Hard Stone shell, punched blue down. Blue grounded, but stood up another second. Then David freezed him, And then Michael fire-punched him. Raychel and Betty opened a timelapse as then blue can’t see around. Again david gave him a final punch.

    Blue grounded. ” I’ll come again. stay safe kids” and then flew up in the space.
    “We win” Bryan cheered.

    “Are you alright Sarah and Bryan”, Betty asked. 

    “No.. He punched me so hard”, Bryan cried.

    “Yes”,  Sarah said.
    They went home.
     Next morning…
    “Say hello to.. Stephanie from yellowshine house” Bryan Introduced his Stronian  friend. Stronians are the strongest abnormals,  they can move 3 trucks together by just one hand.

    “Hello everyone”, Staphanie greeted.
    “So you fought a cosmian last night?”Stephanie asked. “Bryan you told her about last night? I thought it would be a secret. A top secret.” Raychel spoke.

    “She is here for help. We can’t beat big blue with aur weak punches. What if he come back again? She is a Stronian. She can make him vanish in a second” Bryan explained.

    “Class time people, let’s go” Michael intrupted.

    “Let’s bunk today!” Betty exclaimed.

    “Umm… You 6 go, I have some work here. Meet all of you later” Stephanie Said and went.
    Everyone accepted the cool proposal of the bunk and went to a park nearby.

    “Hey Michael, Let’s race. This park, Big enough to test speed. So you, 1 round of whole ground and me 12? Okay?” Bryan Yelled.

    ” Hey you idiot Bryan, stop that and come here. I have a better idea. So, We never talked about our history. Today, we’re free to do so. So, Betty, we would love to listen your story first. Bring it on” Sarah proposed.
    Betty took a sip of coke, and begun, “Ummm… So my history? I was an expert in hiding my powers, no one knew me what I am, What I can do. Fooled everyone. Was a bright child. And nothing so intresting to tell. Except one, When I met my demon. You know, Every abnormal species has a demonic, an aggressive face too, which triggered one day, unexpectedly. My mother told me when I woke up after that. She…. said my eyes turned grey, Veins were about to burst. I was hovering above the ground, in a tornado of metal scratch. I destroyed a part of  my home. I can feel that energy even now. It was amazing. But don’t want to reach to that extent of energy again. So, What about you Raychel? Love to hear you demon tale. Come on tell us.”

    “My story? I was watching everything. Everything that was, happening in the world. I teleported to a new country, then an another one and so forth. I felt like I am everywhere, like an omnipresent entity. I made little creatures from scratch, That… I don’t remember what they did but.. it was horrific. Your turn Sarah” Raychel explained.

    “Didn’t remember much, my father told me that once I destroyed a whole mountain with just one fist. I don’t believe that. But it may be possible. You Michael?” Sarah said.

    “Betty you know, that a flamer has a demon face of a dragon. So I turned into one, that was an amazing feel. Was flying too fast and too high that no one noticed me. But I was in my control, didn’t burn a single thing but Turned a small lake into vapours in just few seconds. Till now everyone thinks that incident was alien invasion. So Your turn David.”  Michael ended story and asked David to continue.

    “My mother told me that I was burning white. I always had control over me. Didn’t bothered something. That’s all I remember. Last, you Bryan.” David said.

    “A simple school boy. Never shown someone my speed. Loved to play football but couldn’t play. To hide the electroner inside. Always wished to be a normal human but thanked god for gifting me that life. I never countered that fuckin demon. But I am not very sure about an incident, I saw a dream, which seemed so realistic to me that I remember it even today.  I dreamt of being in the clouds, couldn’t feel my body. Just laughing. Was just only laughing loudly and flying through the clouds. And I woke up. And the suspicious about this is on that morning…. a breaking news, a thunderstorm, a very heavy and sudden thunderstorm, destroyed the power grid system of a whole state. That storm destroyed a village too. I never believed this was true, and never wanted to do so. End of the story.” Bryan ended his story.

    “That was horrific.” Betty stated.

    “Yes” Bryan answered.
    ~Beep, Beep, Beep~ Michael’s Watch started beeping suddenly.


    Episode 6: One versus six

    “May I come in sir?” Bryan asked standing at the gate.

    “You are late Bryan, umm, 32 minutes this time. Your consistency of being late is commendable.” Mr. Ipkiss, their chemistry teacher and the class incharge, said.

    “May I come in sir?” Michael shouted from the corridor.

    “And who is this again?” Mr. Ipkiss yelled and Michael shows up through the gate and asks again for coming in.

    “Oh, Bryan, there he is, your buddy, late fellow” Ipkiss scolded them and made fun of them. The whole class laughed.

    ” Oh it’s okay, I’ll let both of you in. I haven’t started the topic” Ipkiss said. Bryan and Michael sat on their desks.
    “So, students, now I am going to discuss something with you. You all know that Dr. Wes is dead and Dr. singh is missing. So please stay safe and now it is forbidden for all of you to step outside your hostel after 10 at night.

    And another thing is that, the school elections are soon going to be organised​ and you have to elect your​ candidate. Choose your cheif wisely. All the students of all the Seven houses of school, will vote.” Mr. Ipkiss announces.

    “Now I am going to start our new topic. Wait, Brayn and Michael, Where are your books?” Mr. Ipkiss asked.

    “I forgot” Michael said.

    “And what about you, big brother, Bryan?” Ipkiss asked Bryan.

    “I, I haven’t, bought the book yet sir”, Bryan said in mild voice.

    “Get out!” Teacher shouted. 
    Michael and Bryan outside the class….
    “So, VioletNight, IndigoEye, BlueDay, GreenGrass, YellowShine, OrangeRise, RedSet are the seven houses. That was an asshole who combined the name of seven colours with a part of day and name a house.”  Bryan said.

    “That’s not the matter. The main thing is, nobody is standing in elections, from our IndigoEye, as a candidate for cheif. There is always one from RedSet, VioletNight and YellowShine. Why?” Michael was confused.

    “Fuck the houses, I am hungry after Ipkiss’s kisses of punishments. I am very fast but I can’t help it that I woke up late.” Bryan Said.

    ” Forget it Bryan” Michael said.
    After some time, class had overed, and at the canteen…..
    “When you are going to buy all the books, Bryan?” Sarah shouted on Bryan.

    “Umm, Just before exams.” Bryan replied.

    “Nice Idea Bryan!” David laughed.

    “Shut up all of you, Raychel and Michael, What you have found in that tissue?” Betty asked.

    ” A Cosmian confirmed as in the book you’ve given” Raychel said.

    “I think it may come for Sarah again, You have to be safe. If anything happens call us.” David said.

    “Why don’t we stay here tonight and watch out for that beast?” Raychel asked.

    “Yeah of course, in my room, it’s big enough, I think.” David said.

    “Oh, I..I have to ask my mom for this” Bryan said.

    He called his mom, manipulated her and she finally granted the permission. 
    Everyone of them stayed the night there.
    At 10 PM… At David’s room
    Six of them, there, Betty was chatting, Sarah was listening to songs, Raychel was on her phone too, Bryan was laying down in a corner, drooling while sleeping and Michael &  David were checking on their homemade tracker, trying to figure if something bad is about to happen near around. 

    Suddenly the tracker beeps, there was something bad happening.
    “Soldiers, Up!” Michael exclaimed and everyone was up.

    “Get up Bryan, Get up!” Betty shouted

    Bryan got up, feeling sleepy and everyone rush to the site, an empty stadium.
    There they saw a big blue monster.

    “We know you, you are a cosmian” David with his team confronted the big blue creature.

    “And I know you, your are dead” Big Blue replied.
    The Big Blue rushed towards them. Everyone scattered. Sarah shook an earthquake towards Big Blue, but he absorbed all the waves, jumped and punched Sarah. Betty was using her telepathy to control her body parts but it was very hard for her to control that cosmian. Bryan was trying to confuse him by moving fast and giving him elecric shocks but Big Blue punched him and the next second he flew out of the stadium. 

    “It’s not working, Plan 2! Let’s crush this thing!” David shouted.

    The way that thing have been: Part 2

    If it was love, I couldn’t forgot it.

    But I fell in love, yet again, a new girl, in my new tution. She was a pretty girl. We hung out and fought and had fun. The attraction increased. But I stepped back because I came to know there is someone else in her life.

    I was not heartbroken that time. It was all attraction. We can get rid of it, right?
    But I understood clearly that there is nothing like love, first love, second or last. These feelings are nothing but attraction. A misconception and it lead me to reject one proposal. Actually not rejected, but I didn’t want to do this. She was crazy.
     The girl, I met her at my uncle’s wedding, we exchanged numbers. About a month later, she called me. We used to talk almost everyday. But after a week, I refused to talk to her because I had  exams, and obviously because of my FIRST ATTRACTION. 

     After a couple of months, a text pinged.
    “I love you, will you marry me?”
    I was just shocked. I am single but not want to marry someone!

    “Marry? I am just 16.” I replied.

    She asked “Yes or no?”

    I was scared, I can’t handle things like this. I blocked her and never called her.
    Conclusion is Love is not just attraction. We get attracted towards some girls who do not understand us. We think it’s love. But love is something else. Not the feeling of attraction, it’s the feeling of satisfaction. In love, we don’t want her being forever ours. Instead, if we are in love, we can spend our whole life talking to her, without being her boyfriend. A feeling of satisfaction, like we have everything and every pretty girl around us seems crap. Some questions and answers game with her can take us to heaven. It is more than just mere attraction. When deep inside every word we speak to her can show our floating heart. I just can’t explain it. And my story about love, I never fell in love but may be I have or maybe I just don’t know. It’s a long story.

    The way that things have been: part 1

    ​How would it feel?

    When you are sitting alone, with earbuds, loud music, everything is perfect and suddenly a cute and sweet couple come and sit beside you. 

    Fire in the hole! Heart screams, “Why brother?”. 

    Awkward situation!  They try to kiss, you try to watch them, they try to hide, and you try to look in your phone scrolling through memes about single life!
    Some people say love happens only once and some people say that first love can’t be forgotten. But everything was different for me. This the life of me.
    Now let me tell you, the way things have been.

    With me!



    I was rushing to my tution on my bicycle and saw a new cute girl, going to the same tution with a friend of mine. Cycle was fast but I don’t know why everything seemed slow, and then I distracted my mind from her and whipped.

    After a few days, we became friends, and then good friends, and then besties. We knew every secret of each other. I made her laugh, she made me fall. And then the day came, I had to confess. Bought her an ice cream, tried to speak but all the phrases vanished off my mind. Not a single word I could find to tell her. But, by the grace of god, she understood the silence. Confused eyes told everything. 
    “No” she said.
    With molten ice cream on hands, and a broken heart, I thought of letting her go and have a new start.

    Few days later, a text pinged on my phone.

    “Hangout? just​ me and you.” she texted.

    I slipped again and went there.

    Alone, just me, because she showed up with her boyfriend. I was broken yet again.

    Life of a single boy is not so easy. We are lone wolves,  not by our choice.
    But I guess, it wasn’t love. Maybe just a mere attraction. Love is something more than this, something high, something beautiful, no tears…. wait till I tell you in next part!

    Episode 5: The Big Blue Unleashed

    “Easy Dr. Wes, Easy” Dr. Singh said to Wes in their research laboratory. Both of them were the Professors and Researchers of the Abnormal species, in the school. But it was 1 A.M., and it was unusual. Dr. Wes was removing tissues of the horn of a creature lied on the bed. 

    “Doctor Singh, Lie down on this bed. It’s time to use your adaptive abnormality.” Wes speaked to Singh, and he put that tissue in exactly top of Singh’s heart. “Am afraid, what if you die?” Wes said.

    “I am not afraid. Now do this. Pull the lever.” Singh said. 

    Wes pulled lever and the neutron beam got struck on the tissue, and it melted in Singh’s skin. The DNA in the tissue aggressively reacted with Singh’s tissues, because Singh’s was from the species of Adapters. His skin’s colours changed to Blue, and it was radiating. He was screaming and Wes was little feared but happy because they succeeded.

    Sarah lives in the Hostel, and her room was just opposite to the Research lab, on the 4th floor. She was talking to her father on the phone standing on railing. She suddenly heared the screams coming from the laboratory, and ran towards it to check what is happening. When she reached there she saw a tall and big blue man out of the gate of laboratory. He was hovering above the ground. Sarah scared, made balls of stone and threw them like bullets on that big man. But it didn’t harm him. Then he suddenly came to Sarah and Fired laser beam from his hand. It made a impact on Sarah but her unbreakable rock like body protected her.

    The Big Blue man flew in the sky with a very high speed that it took just a few seconds for him to cross the atmosphere of earth.

    Sarah rose, and ran towards the laboratory. The scene of lab was horrible, Dr. Wes was divided into 2 peices, the bloodshed. Sarah informed guard about all of this.
    Next morning…
    “Sarah are you alright?” Michael asked.

    “Yes” she replied.

    All of them were sitting around.

    Sarah was horrified after what she saw. “Don’t worry Sarah” Betty spoke.

    Suddenly Bryan came and notified them that Dr. Singh was missing. “Yeah the Big blue man was looking like Dr. Singh.” Sarah said. “But how did he become a cosmian?” David asked.

    “Police found a dead cosmian in the lab” Bryan spoke. 

    “Something is bad happening here, we have to find out” Betty Said. “All of this may be connected to my dream” Raychel said.
    Betty and Bryan went to library and started searching books about species abnormality.

    “That one?” Bryan asked.

    “No” Betty said.

    “Is that one?” Bryan asked by picking just next book.

    “No Bryan no! This is the same book you’re asked right” Betty scolded Bryan.

    ” I found it. You can’t do anything Bryan.” Betty said.

    She issued that book and they went out to the canteen.
    On the other hand, David and Sarah were examing the lab. They found a broken tissue there.

    “It’s  a peel Sarah, but why does it have a blue shade.” David said.

    “Take it to Raychel, She knows about it” Sarah said and they rushed to the Canteen.

    Michael and Raychel were waiting there.
    “We have Book and a tissue. That’s enough to find out what was that blue creature and what was the relation of Dr. Singh with that.” Michael said.

    To be continued…..

    Episode 4: Raychel’s Nightmare

    “Raychel no! please get away from here. Save your life.” Sarah screamed and all the stones covering her scattered. 

    “Raychel, you stay here. I have to do this. Do you want to see earth under your feet?  We have to do this. Me, you, we can’t kill this creature. Cosmian are immortals. I have to take him away from here. You stay here. The people need you.”

    “Bryan! please don’t get into it. I am begging you please.  I don’t want to lose all of my friends. Please come back Bryan.” Raychel screamed and her eyes opened suddenly. It was 4 in the morning. 
    “Nightmare, same nightmare again.” Raychel talked to herself. She drunk a glass of water and slept again.
    In the school….
    “Sarah, Can I speak to you for a second” Raychel asked Sarah.

    “Yeah sure, What happened? I am noticing you, something is bothering you!” Sarah said.

    Raychel told her about her nightmare. “You should take a break I think” Sarah said.

    “Do you know what Cosmian is?” Raychel asked.
    “Cosmians? I’ve heard about them. Don’t tell anyone but I have heard that there is a cosmian in the School, and it is related to research kind of thing. It’s a secret I think, but, what happened why are you asking about it?” David said.
    “Nothing, but can you tell me what is this?” Raychel asked to David.

    “My grandfather told me about that. Cosmian is a species of abnormals but they are homo-X-sapians. The abnormals from another planet. There powers are epic, nobody knows about it.” David speaked.

    “Oh, that was scary” Michael said.

    “So there is something happening in the labs about it, as you said David. And we shouldn’t ignore Raychel’s Nightmare, she is a witch. I can read her mind, not so accurately but something is wrong here” Betty said.

    “Hey guys you have to see this.” Bryan screamed from out of the classroom. It looked like he was afraid of something. 

    They run to the guard’s room at the main gate. There was a Gaurd, dead, with pale eyes opened of fear. There was no external blood. But his body was red, as all the veins have burst inside his body, A little blood through his mouth. 
    “There is something bad happening in this school. You’re  right Betty, we can’t ignore Rachel’s nightmare.” Sarah said.

    “What nightmare?”Bryan asked. Michael told him everything.

    “Now, atleast we must find out” Bryan said.

    To be continued………..

    Better to let go

    ​Find it in me, find the love in my heart.

    Failure not always teaches for victory,

    Sometimes we have to give up, it’s better to be hurt.

    Better to save tears, better to forget memories.
    Better to keep the dead hope,

    A dead hope is,

    Like, waiting for the stars to shine in the noon,

    Like, forgeting the sun will rise, just looking at the moon,
    Better to keep Hoping untill the eyes turn grey,

    and the corpse laid down,

    Better to let the eyes smile, let the heart cry.

    because eyes can pretend, and heart makes no sound.

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