Falling in love, a 3 step process

​First of all please ignore my grammatical mistakes😅😂

I am not a researcher or a psychologist. I just observe the things going around me and also with me. When I was a kid I thought that falling in love is just a bullshit and this thing will never going to happen with me. Now I am in college and everyone know that what happens there. Oh sorry, I am not here to tell my story. Now I will show you the 3 step process that how someone fall in love. I am a science student, so the process is like a scientific process.

Here we go, lets start

Step 1 : Meeting and talking 

According to my opinion, there is nothing like love at first sight. Attracting towards someone’s physical appearance is not love. It is just as you like a bike or anything… as you can’t love it and need it at any cost. The main thing is sharing information i.e. talking, meeting, talking and repeating.

Step 2: Something attracts a little

Now, when the ‘step 1’ is going on, she/he share some information (I am scientific, right?). Something clicks in your mind. As both of you may have a diffrence vast like ocean but you are attracted towards her because she have some good aspects and a good heart according to your opinion. That is the small version of real love.

Step 3: Falling and Falling, continuously

 Now you have a little feelings about her/him. She/he repeats the things(unintentionally) which you like. You get more attracted. She/he looks into your eyes, and you just lost. The real feelings that your heart can even touch. It lifts up you to the heaven. It may be temporary or permanent. But is beautiful. Now other things matters if you get into a relationship or not, but being in this state is extraordinary. You can leave a comment if you also think that it’s true.


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