Annoying people in Delhi metro

Ignore grammar😂😅 as I told.

Metro is the main way of local transport in New Delhi. It is fast, cheap and reliable. But I think that it’s to be discussed about the passangers. Many kinds of people travel in Delhi metro. Some are good, But some…(why they are born😢). I travel in metro daily and it takes about 1 hour to complete the journey, Frustating. Okay😉
Here is the list of annoying people

1. The oldeys, having most painful legs

Here is the tip for you, that if you got a seat (By mistake or luck) in metro, and a senior citizen (who have just white hairs but physically fit) is standing in front of you, so just close your eyes and sleep, please, or do anything but never look in their innocent eyes, otherwise you have to lose you seat even you are very tired. These people are mercyless. You can’t defeat them, just sleep.

2. The undercover agents

Yes, there are undercover agents, travelling in metro, DAILY. If you want to check who is one of them, buy a newspaper or any reading stuff and start reading it in metro, and many people will show you their reading skills and great eye sight. Some agents are so desperate, who take a great intrest in your whatsapp chat as you are sharing some important terrorist information. ANNOYING!!!. Even here is a person siting beside me is reading this blog even I haven’t posted it.😢

3. Staring one

Try to travel with a girl even your sister, and do some humorous talk. There is always one, who had made your sex tape in his dirty mind(joking). Only way is, just ignore them.

4. Most dangerous, KIDS

I hate kids. I like them but in a limit. But they WILL cross the limit. They are monsters, they have to watch outside the window as there aunty is dancing there😯. Why? I always want to slap them, but they travel with their parents(bodyguards). If they are annoying you, just be quite and let the things go. You can’t do anything.

These are some annoying people, Usually I observe in metro. They are amazing. Can leave a comment.

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