Anti-Falling in love, a 3 step process

​Do you have some feelings for someone? But he/she is not good for your health so you want to forget him/her. I think I can help you. This process works and I had tried it on myself, but it can take some time.As I told in my earlier article ‘Falling in love, a 3 step process‘ , Similarly, there are 3 steps for the opposite. How to ‘defall’ (is it a right word? doesn’t matter… I’ll say defall) in love? It’s not very simple but it is not impossible. Some files in your system can’t be deleted, but easily replaced (or updated). This is also simple in real life too, I’ll show you how.
1. Reduce talking, meeting etc.

I am not asking to stop these things but advising to just reduce. I know it is very painful for you, but you have to try it. Just give more priority to another things (in hindi… ‘Bhav khaane lagja’). Stop thinking about her/him, be strong(mentally). I you are used to him/her, point out his/her bad things in your mind and think that he/she don’t deserve you.
2. Find a replacement

This step takes time, presence of mind and decision making. But I am sure, you’ll find one, just roam in real world, there is always one who is made for you. When you find one, Compare both of them. Easy right? Give new one your precious time. It all depends on your decision, choose a good one(by heart) and never look back.
3. The equilibrium

When the step would be happening, a state will come where you’re not too attached with anyone. This state is called the Defalling equilibrium, where you don’t love the old one, and not even new one. Now it’s your choice to stop, or go far, with the new mate. But you forgot the old one. The protocol finished.

Thank you for your time.


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