Episode 1: A new school

“I can make things cool. I am one the chillers.” he answerd the father of an earther.

Earther, a name given to the type of gifted people who can manipulate earth, rock, soil.
The father was there to drop her daughter Sarah, to the ‘Black & Vision School of abnormals’. They lived in the rockano hills which was far away from the school. Sarah a little chubby, cute, and slightly arrogant girl took father with her to see the campus when he was busy in enquiry about school with David. David was one of the chillers,  an excellent artist, and a dashing looking guy.
On the other hand, an intelligent and beautiful, ‘Brainer’ girl was on her way to school as she was late. Betty her name was. Brainer, a name given to the rarest kind of people who can control anything with a slight swing of their hands and deepest concentration. Concentrating like them can blow up someone’s mind.

This school was for abnormals, the homo-D-sepians, the humans who have the genes of an ancient species of rare people. The ancestors, who can manipulate and control nature by their mind. They haven’t the gifted powers, the powers inherited are them. The gift to them was the selection. The reason behind the thing is unknown that only they are selected for these powers. They can use powers, but on a small extent.

Like those 3 students, there are 4000 in the school, with diffrent powers.

And who am I? I am one of them, and they have to pay for what they did to me.


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