Episode 2: Some new friends

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“Hey, nice graphics, which game is that?” a sudden voice asked. There was a childish boy sitting beside Michael, where no one was there before half a second. “Oh mofucker, you just scared me, who the hell are you?” Michael screamed.

“Hey, I am Bryan, I am an electroner, I am fast like I can run behind you in no time.” Bryan whips behind Michael. “I am behind you man. Now you have to send me this game.” Bryan says. “You’re cool, and I’ll give you the game in the class,  I have to go right now, sorry!” Michael replied. “And what are your powers” Bryan asked. “Aren’t you feeling some heat here?” Michael smiled and moved out of the room. He was a Flamer.
“Hey, buddy, I am new here, what’s your name?” Bryan asked a guy reading a book in the corner of the room. “I am David” he replied in a calm and cold voice. “I can sense the chill here, you’re a chiller right?” Bryan asked. “Yeah” David said.

“Have you bought books? If not you can come with me and two other girls” David asked.

“Girls? who?” Bryan asked.

“Betty and Sarah, I have two friends here. Betty is just like me, cold. Sarah is an Earther. Betty is a brainer” David said.

“They are your friends? Now they are my friends too. We’ll go tomorrow and I think Michael will come too.”. 

 “Hey David, I am Hungry, let’s go” Betty called David from outside the room.

“Coming Betty” David replied.

“Is she Betty, She is so Beaut….” and then David interrupted him and said “Gotta go, bye.”
At the same time, in the school canteen.

“What can you do?” A flamer girl asked to Raychel.

Raychel, a thin girl, with a thick spectacles answered, “I am a wizard, you know, what a wizard can do?”

and then suddenly she collapsed with Michael.

“And can’t a wizard see me coming? Step beside my way” Michael shouted.
And their friendship begin like this and….


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