Episode 4: Raychel’s Nightmare

“Raychel no! please get away from here. Save your life.” Sarah screamed and all the stones covering her scattered. 

“Raychel, you stay here. I have to do this. Do you want to see earth under your feet?  We have to do this. Me, you, we can’t kill this creature. Cosmian are immortals. I have to take him away from here. You stay here. The people need you.”

“Bryan! please don’t get into it. I am begging you please.  I don’t want to lose all of my friends. Please come back Bryan.” Raychel screamed and her eyes opened suddenly. It was 4 in the morning. 
“Nightmare, same nightmare again.” Raychel talked to herself. She drunk a glass of water and slept again.
In the school….
“Sarah, Can I speak to you for a second” Raychel asked Sarah.

“Yeah sure, What happened? I am noticing you, something is bothering you!” Sarah said.

Raychel told her about her nightmare. “You should take a break I think” Sarah said.

“Do you know what Cosmian is?” Raychel asked.
“Cosmians? I’ve heard about them. Don’t tell anyone but I have heard that there is a cosmian in the School, and it is related to research kind of thing. It’s a secret I think, but, what happened why are you asking about it?” David said.
“Nothing, but can you tell me what is this?” Raychel asked to David.

“My grandfather told me about that. Cosmian is a species of abnormals but they are homo-X-sapians. The abnormals from another planet. There powers are epic, nobody knows about it.” David speaked.

“Oh, that was scary” Michael said.

“So there is something happening in the labs about it, as you said David. And we shouldn’t ignore Raychel’s Nightmare, she is a witch. I can read her mind, not so accurately but something is wrong here” Betty said.

“Hey guys you have to see this.” Bryan screamed from out of the classroom. It looked like he was afraid of something. 

They run to the guard’s room at the main gate. There was a Gaurd, dead, with pale eyes opened of fear. There was no external blood. But his body was red, as all the veins have burst inside his body, A little blood through his mouth. 
“There is something bad happening in this school. You’re  right Betty, we can’t ignore Rachel’s nightmare.” Sarah said.

“What nightmare?”Bryan asked. Michael told him everything.

“Now, atleast we must find out” Bryan said.

To be continued………..


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