Episode 5: The Big Blue Unleashed

“Easy Dr. Wes, Easy” Dr. Singh said to Wes in their research laboratory. Both of them were the Professors and Researchers of the Abnormal species, in the school. But it was 1 A.M., and it was unusual. Dr. Wes was removing tissues of the horn of a creature lied on the bed. 

“Doctor Singh, Lie down on this bed. It’s time to use your adaptive abnormality.” Wes speaked to Singh, and he put that tissue in exactly top of Singh’s heart. “Am afraid, what if you die?” Wes said.

“I am not afraid. Now do this. Pull the lever.” Singh said. 

Wes pulled lever and the neutron beam got struck on the tissue, and it melted in Singh’s skin. The DNA in the tissue aggressively reacted with Singh’s tissues, because Singh’s was from the species of Adapters. His skin’s colours changed to Blue, and it was radiating. He was screaming and Wes was little feared but happy because they succeeded.

Sarah lives in the Hostel, and her room was just opposite to the Research lab, on the 4th floor. She was talking to her father on the phone standing on railing. She suddenly heared the screams coming from the laboratory, and ran towards it to check what is happening. When she reached there she saw a tall and big blue man out of the gate of laboratory. He was hovering above the ground. Sarah scared, made balls of stone and threw them like bullets on that big man. But it didn’t harm him. Then he suddenly came to Sarah and Fired laser beam from his hand. It made a impact on Sarah but her unbreakable rock like body protected her.

The Big Blue man flew in the sky with a very high speed that it took just a few seconds for him to cross the atmosphere of earth.

Sarah rose, and ran towards the laboratory. The scene of lab was horrible, Dr. Wes was divided into 2 peices, the bloodshed. Sarah informed guard about all of this.
Next morning…
“Sarah are you alright?” Michael asked.

“Yes” she replied.

All of them were sitting around.

Sarah was horrified after what she saw. “Don’t worry Sarah” Betty spoke.

Suddenly Bryan came and notified them that Dr. Singh was missing. “Yeah the Big blue man was looking like Dr. Singh.” Sarah said. “But how did he become a cosmian?” David asked.

“Police found a dead cosmian in the lab” Bryan spoke. 

“Something is bad happening here, we have to find out” Betty Said. “All of this may be connected to my dream” Raychel said.
Betty and Bryan went to library and started searching books about species abnormality.

“That one?” Bryan asked.

“No” Betty said.

“Is that one?” Bryan asked by picking just next book.

“No Bryan no! This is the same book you’re asked right” Betty scolded Bryan.

” I found it. You can’t do anything Bryan.” Betty said.

She issued that book and they went out to the canteen.
On the other hand, David and Sarah were examing the lab. They found a broken tissue there.

“It’s  a peel Sarah, but why does it have a blue shade.” David said.

“Take it to Raychel, She knows about it” Sarah said and they rushed to the Canteen.

Michael and Raychel were waiting there.
“We have Book and a tissue. That’s enough to find out what was that blue creature and what was the relation of Dr. Singh with that.” Michael said.

To be continued…..


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