The way that things have been: part 1

​How would it feel?

When you are sitting alone, with earbuds, loud music, everything is perfect and suddenly a cute and sweet couple come and sit beside you. 

Fire in the hole! Heart screams, “Why brother?”. 

Awkward situation!  They try to kiss, you try to watch them, they try to hide, and you try to look in your phone scrolling through memes about single life!
Some people say love happens only once and some people say that first love can’t be forgotten. But everything was different for me. This the life of me.
Now let me tell you, the way things have been.

With me!



I was rushing to my tution on my bicycle and saw a new cute girl, going to the same tution with a friend of mine. Cycle was fast but I don’t know why everything seemed slow, and then I distracted my mind from her and whipped.

After a few days, we became friends, and then good friends, and then besties. We knew every secret of each other. I made her laugh, she made me fall. And then the day came, I had to confess. Bought her an ice cream, tried to speak but all the phrases vanished off my mind. Not a single word I could find to tell her. But, by the grace of god, she understood the silence. Confused eyes told everything. 
“No” she said.
With molten ice cream on hands, and a broken heart, I thought of letting her go and have a new start.

Few days later, a text pinged on my phone.

“Hangout? just​ me and you.” she texted.

I slipped again and went there.

Alone, just me, because she showed up with her boyfriend. I was broken yet again.

Life of a single boy is not so easy. We are lone wolves,  not by our choice.
But I guess, it wasn’t love. Maybe just a mere attraction. Love is something more than this, something high, something beautiful, no tears…. wait till I tell you in next part!


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