The way that thing have been: Part 2

If it was love, I couldn’t forgot it.

But I fell in love, yet again, a new girl, in my new tution. She was a pretty girl. We hung out and fought and had fun. The attraction increased. But I stepped back because I came to know there is someone else in her life.

I was not heartbroken that time. It was all attraction. We can get rid of it, right?
But I understood clearly that there is nothing like love, first love, second or last. These feelings are nothing but attraction. A misconception and it lead me to reject one proposal. Actually not rejected, but I didn’t want to do this. She was crazy.
 The girl, I met her at my uncle’s wedding, we exchanged numbers. About a month later, she called me. We used to talk almost everyday. But after a week, I refused to talk to her because I had  exams, and obviously because of my FIRST ATTRACTION. 

 After a couple of months, a text pinged.
“I love you, will you marry me?”
I was just shocked. I am single but not want to marry someone!

“Marry? I am just 16.” I replied.

She asked “Yes or no?”

I was scared, I can’t handle things like this. I blocked her and never called her.
Conclusion is Love is not just attraction. We get attracted towards some girls who do not understand us. We think it’s love. But love is something else. Not the feeling of attraction, it’s the feeling of satisfaction. In love, we don’t want her being forever ours. Instead, if we are in love, we can spend our whole life talking to her, without being her boyfriend. A feeling of satisfaction, like we have everything and every pretty girl around us seems crap. Some questions and answers game with her can take us to heaven. It is more than just mere attraction. When deep inside every word we speak to her can show our floating heart. I just can’t explain it. And my story about love, I never fell in love but may be I have or maybe I just don’t know. It’s a long story.


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