Episode 6: One versus six

“May I come in sir?” Bryan asked standing at the gate.

“You are late Bryan, umm, 32 minutes this time. Your consistency of being late is commendable.” Mr. Ipkiss, their chemistry teacher and the class incharge, said.

“May I come in sir?” Michael shouted from the corridor.

“And who is this again?” Mr. Ipkiss yelled and Michael shows up through the gate and asks again for coming in.

“Oh, Bryan, there he is, your buddy, late fellow” Ipkiss scolded them and made fun of them. The whole class laughed.

” Oh it’s okay, I’ll let both of you in. I haven’t started the topic” Ipkiss said. Bryan and Michael sat on their desks.
“So, students, now I am going to discuss something with you. You all know that Dr. Wes is dead and Dr. singh is missing. So please stay safe and now it is forbidden for all of you to step outside your hostel after 10 at night.

And another thing is that, the school elections are soon going to be organised​ and you have to elect your​ candidate. Choose your cheif wisely. All the students of all the Seven houses of school, will vote.” Mr. Ipkiss announces.

“Now I am going to start our new topic. Wait, Brayn and Michael, Where are your books?” Mr. Ipkiss asked.

“I forgot” Michael said.

“And what about you, big brother, Bryan?” Ipkiss asked Bryan.

“I, I haven’t, bought the book yet sir”, Bryan said in mild voice.

“Get out!” Teacher shouted. 
Michael and Bryan outside the class….
“So, VioletNight, IndigoEye, BlueDay, GreenGrass, YellowShine, OrangeRise, RedSet are the seven houses. That was an asshole who combined the name of seven colours with a part of day and name a house.”  Bryan said.

“That’s not the matter. The main thing is, nobody is standing in elections, from our IndigoEye, as a candidate for cheif. There is always one from RedSet, VioletNight and YellowShine. Why?” Michael was confused.

“Fuck the houses, I am hungry after Ipkiss’s kisses of punishments. I am very fast but I can’t help it that I woke up late.” Bryan Said.

” Forget it Bryan” Michael said.
After some time, class had overed, and at the canteen…..
“When you are going to buy all the books, Bryan?” Sarah shouted on Bryan.

“Umm, Just before exams.” Bryan replied.

“Nice Idea Bryan!” David laughed.

“Shut up all of you, Raychel and Michael, What you have found in that tissue?” Betty asked.

” A Cosmian confirmed as in the book you’ve given” Raychel said.

“I think it may come for Sarah again, You have to be safe. If anything happens call us.” David said.

“Why don’t we stay here tonight and watch out for that beast?” Raychel asked.

“Yeah of course, in my room, it’s big enough, I think.” David said.

“Oh, I..I have to ask my mom for this” Bryan said.

He called his mom, manipulated her and she finally granted the permission. 
Everyone of them stayed the night there.
At 10 PM… At David’s room
Six of them, there, Betty was chatting, Sarah was listening to songs, Raychel was on her phone too, Bryan was laying down in a corner, drooling while sleeping and Michael &  David were checking on their homemade tracker, trying to figure if something bad is about to happen near around. 

Suddenly the tracker beeps, there was something bad happening.
“Soldiers, Up!” Michael exclaimed and everyone was up.

“Get up Bryan, Get up!” Betty shouted

Bryan got up, feeling sleepy and everyone rush to the site, an empty stadium.
There they saw a big blue monster.

“We know you, you are a cosmian” David with his team confronted the big blue creature.

“And I know you, your are dead” Big Blue replied.
The Big Blue rushed towards them. Everyone scattered. Sarah shook an earthquake towards Big Blue, but he absorbed all the waves, jumped and punched Sarah. Betty was using her telepathy to control her body parts but it was very hard for her to control that cosmian. Bryan was trying to confuse him by moving fast and giving him elecric shocks but Big Blue punched him and the next second he flew out of the stadium. 

“It’s not working, Plan 2! Let’s crush this thing!” David shouted.


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