Episode 7: Bunk

“Let’s crush it” David screamed.
Bryan started running round and round around the Blue very fast.
Bryan: I am here bud. (another second) I am behind you now. Now I am here. Now here.
“Why are you talking while fighting.” Big blue Yelled.
“Because it keeps my enemy confused” Bryan shouted in front of blue but then suddenly Slided in the Blue’s legs from behind. It was so fast and powerful that it made Blue flew above the ground horizontally. Then suddenly Sarah jumped on Blue, coverd her fists with Hard Stone shell, punched blue down. Blue grounded, but stood up another second. Then David freezed him, And then Michael fire-punched him. Raychel and Betty opened a timelapse as then blue can’t see around. Again david gave him a final punch.

Blue grounded. ” I’ll come again. stay safe kids” and then flew up in the space.
“We win” Bryan cheered.

“Are you alright Sarah and Bryan”, Betty asked. 

“No.. He punched me so hard”, Bryan cried.

“Yes”,  Sarah said.
They went home.
 Next morning…
“Say hello to.. Stephanie from yellowshine house” Bryan Introduced his Stronian  friend. Stronians are the strongest abnormals,  they can move 3 trucks together by just one hand.

“Hello everyone”, Staphanie greeted.
“So you fought a cosmian last night?”Stephanie asked. “Bryan you told her about last night? I thought it would be a secret. A top secret.” Raychel spoke.

“She is here for help. We can’t beat big blue with aur weak punches. What if he come back again? She is a Stronian. She can make him vanish in a second” Bryan explained.

“Class time people, let’s go” Michael intrupted.

“Let’s bunk today!” Betty exclaimed.

“Umm… You 6 go, I have some work here. Meet all of you later” Stephanie Said and went.
Everyone accepted the cool proposal of the bunk and went to a park nearby.

“Hey Michael, Let’s race. This park, Big enough to test speed. So you, 1 round of whole ground and me 12? Okay?” Bryan Yelled.

” Hey you idiot Bryan, stop that and come here. I have a better idea. So, We never talked about our history. Today, we’re free to do so. So, Betty, we would love to listen your story first. Bring it on” Sarah proposed.
Betty took a sip of coke, and begun, “Ummm… So my history? I was an expert in hiding my powers, no one knew me what I am, What I can do. Fooled everyone. Was a bright child. And nothing so intresting to tell. Except one, When I met my demon. You know, Every abnormal species has a demonic, an aggressive face too, which triggered one day, unexpectedly. My mother told me when I woke up after that. She…. said my eyes turned grey, Veins were about to burst. I was hovering above the ground, in a tornado of metal scratch. I destroyed a part of  my home. I can feel that energy even now. It was amazing. But don’t want to reach to that extent of energy again. So, What about you Raychel? Love to hear you demon tale. Come on tell us.”

“My story? I was watching everything. Everything that was, happening in the world. I teleported to a new country, then an another one and so forth. I felt like I am everywhere, like an omnipresent entity. I made little creatures from scratch, That… I don’t remember what they did but.. it was horrific. Your turn Sarah” Raychel explained.

“Didn’t remember much, my father told me that once I destroyed a whole mountain with just one fist. I don’t believe that. But it may be possible. You Michael?” Sarah said.

“Betty you know, that a flamer has a demon face of a dragon. So I turned into one, that was an amazing feel. Was flying too fast and too high that no one noticed me. But I was in my control, didn’t burn a single thing but Turned a small lake into vapours in just few seconds. Till now everyone thinks that incident was alien invasion. So Your turn David.”  Michael ended story and asked David to continue.

“My mother told me that I was burning white. I always had control over me. Didn’t bothered something. That’s all I remember. Last, you Bryan.” David said.

“A simple school boy. Never shown someone my speed. Loved to play football but couldn’t play. To hide the electroner inside. Always wished to be a normal human but thanked god for gifting me that life. I never countered that fuckin demon. But I am not very sure about an incident, I saw a dream, which seemed so realistic to me that I remember it even today.  I dreamt of being in the clouds, couldn’t feel my body. Just laughing. Was just only laughing loudly and flying through the clouds. And I woke up. And the suspicious about this is on that morning…. a breaking news, a thunderstorm, a very heavy and sudden thunderstorm, destroyed the power grid system of a whole state. That storm destroyed a village too. I never believed this was true, and never wanted to do so. End of the story.” Bryan ended his story.

“That was horrific.” Betty stated.

“Yes” Bryan answered.
~Beep, Beep, Beep~ Michael’s Watch started beeping suddenly.



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