When you look ugly – part 1

In today’s world, there are many types of people. But basically, we divide them into two categories: Singles and Mingles ( or committed or whatever the hell). Now, you would say that why I am writing it like a 8th class student writing an essay on curruption.  My answer is “I can’t write like the way that you’re thinking”. And as the title, if you are here for fashion and blackheads reduction tips for your godamn face, I am so sorry I am not writing about that. Now back to the topic. So there are definitions of both above mentioned terms. And these are as follows:- 

    Mingles :- People possessing, a person who is their Lover (not always) cum movie buddy cum hangout buddy cum shopping buddy cum bed buddy (not always) cum driver cum ATM card, who is usually of an opposite gender, but there are exceptions too.
    Single :- Poor and ugly people, Lacking above mentioned properties completely. 
    Now why such “Single” People exist. And the reason is a ugly face. For now I am talking about single boys only but girls should also read it. So, mostly, in real life, Guys having good grown beard or whatever, girls find them hot, attractive.

    Gym guys are thieves of girls. And guys like me (I won’t post my photo, please), are the guys which girls don’t find that attractive. Now what happens, we see our crush holding hands with someone else. But we keep our hope alive. Then we try to be like those guys, and the supplier of this stuff is youtube. They try to improve your personality but you mess up everything. And then you fail. We look ugly and don’t have any talent, don’t make us that bad. Girl looking for a talent in you is not looking the real you. She is just looking for a good future not true love. You change your personality for a girl like that. You are leaving the real you, and pretending to be someone she likes. Why? Why would we change ourselves for a girl. Why would we kill ourselves?
    Revolution Begins

    Stay tuned…



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