Episode 3: The Future Vision

​Phone rings, “Hoh Bryan? what’s up” Michael greeted.

“Wanna buy books?” Bryan asked.

“Today?” Michael said.

“If you got some bucks, come on fast in the canteen, a friend of mine is going and…. he… looks intelligent and may be he knows the right books… and there are two… and, and they are about to go” Bryan whispered.

“I am here with a witch, and I don’t think she is fast enough..  just kidding… I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” Michael said.
“Hey Raychel, got some money right now?” Michael asked.

“yep, but why?” Raychel asked.

“Books would be a good thing to spend on, specially for you, for wiz-dom, so hurry!! we have to go right now” Michael said.

And they rush to the canteen.

Suddenly Raychel collided with a teacher. All the papers flew and dropped here and there.

The teacher collected all the papers, and went to the lab without saying a word. It was like he was hiding something.
“Wizard girl, couldn’t you see that coming?” Michael scolded Raychel. 

” I couldn’t but I’ve seen something dark, in the papers, in his eyes, it looks like a future vision. You and me fighting Asteroid shower, we’re not flying. We are held in the hands that I can’t see. It seems too cold and a very bad whether, where we got hit by a lightning bolt many times in a second and suddenly it looks like I am in the space and…” Michael intrupted Raychell, said ” Hey, shut up wizard, We have to go, or Bryan will roll your future vision will put it in both of our asses”
In the canteen.
“Hello Betty!” Bryan shaked hand with Betty.

“How do you know my name?” Betty suprised.

“This is my power, I can predict beautiful girl’s name” Bryan said.

“I told him about you, yesterday” David interrupted.

“Let the joke be a joke David” Bryan said.

“Hello Sarah” he shaked hand with Sarah too.

“Whooa, solid hands, like my hand is stucked between two bricks, you are an earther and DAVID TOLD ME THAT” Bryan tried to make Sarah laugh.

“you’re just like my brother” Sarah replied.

“What?” Bryan asked.
Michael and  Raychel reached.
“where the hell have you stucked in?” Bryan screamed.

“Because of that wizard girl. Her power is that she is blind, and then making scary excuses.” Michael answered. 

“Anyway meet David, Sarah, and Betty and Hello wizard girl” Bryan Said.

“Raychel, my name is” Raychel intrupted.

“You’re cool David” Michael shaked hand with david.

“And you are hot” David replied.

“Balanced temperature” Raychel laughed.
Everyone shook hand and they left for the book depot.
To be continued…


Episode 2: Some new friends

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“Hey, nice graphics, which game is that?” a sudden voice asked. There was a childish boy sitting beside Michael, where no one was there before half a second. “Oh mofucker, you just scared me, who the hell are you?” Michael screamed.

“Hey, I am Bryan, I am an electroner, I am fast like I can run behind you in no time.” Bryan whips behind Michael. “I am behind you man. Now you have to send me this game.” Bryan says. “You’re cool, and I’ll give you the game in the class,  I have to go right now, sorry!” Michael replied. “And what are your powers” Bryan asked. “Aren’t you feeling some heat here?” Michael smiled and moved out of the room. He was a Flamer.
“Hey, buddy, I am new here, what’s your name?” Bryan asked a guy reading a book in the corner of the room. “I am David” he replied in a calm and cold voice. “I can sense the chill here, you’re a chiller right?” Bryan asked. “Yeah” David said.

“Have you bought books? If not you can come with me and two other girls” David asked.

“Girls? who?” Bryan asked.

“Betty and Sarah, I have two friends here. Betty is just like me, cold. Sarah is an Earther. Betty is a brainer” David said.

“They are your friends? Now they are my friends too. We’ll go tomorrow and I think Michael will come too.”. 

 “Hey David, I am Hungry, let’s go” Betty called David from outside the room.

“Coming Betty” David replied.

“Is she Betty, She is so Beaut….” and then David interrupted him and said “Gotta go, bye.”
At the same time, in the school canteen.

“What can you do?” A flamer girl asked to Raychel.

Raychel, a thin girl, with a thick spectacles answered, “I am a wizard, you know, what a wizard can do?”

and then suddenly she collapsed with Michael.

“And can’t a wizard see me coming? Step beside my way” Michael shouted.
And their friendship begin like this and….

Episode 1: A new school

“I can make things cool. I am one the chillers.” he answerd the father of an earther.

Earther, a name given to the type of gifted people who can manipulate earth, rock, soil.
The father was there to drop her daughter Sarah, to the ‘Black & Vision School of abnormals’. They lived in the rockano hills which was far away from the school. Sarah a little chubby, cute, and slightly arrogant girl took father with her to see the campus when he was busy in enquiry about school with David. David was one of the chillers,  an excellent artist, and a dashing looking guy.
On the other hand, an intelligent and beautiful, ‘Brainer’ girl was on her way to school as she was late. Betty her name was. Brainer, a name given to the rarest kind of people who can control anything with a slight swing of their hands and deepest concentration. Concentrating like them can blow up someone’s mind.

This school was for abnormals, the homo-D-sepians, the humans who have the genes of an ancient species of rare people. The ancestors, who can manipulate and control nature by their mind. They haven’t the gifted powers, the powers inherited are them. The gift to them was the selection. The reason behind the thing is unknown that only they are selected for these powers. They can use powers, but on a small extent.

Like those 3 students, there are 4000 in the school, with diffrent powers.

And who am I? I am one of them, and they have to pay for what they did to me.

You’re impossible to forget

​When I think about start from new,

I start thinging about you,

and someone inside wants to tell you everything,

that someone is one, you never knew,

When I think about a new start,
I saw the eternity, when our eyes met,

Even now I can feel the heat of fire you set,

That smiling face over your shoulder,

That piece of bread between your lips, 

That first hangout with a packet of chips,

Those late night conversations, and many things,

All I want to say is, you are impossible to forget.


​Now, it’s all hidden

in the darkest corner of the heart,

and these eyes wanna scream everything,

well, I know how it hurts

only I know the pain.

Pain, a dull old picture,

with the colors of fate, hate, feel & love mixture,

the picture,

it shows a dead moon in the night so cold,

shows a poor man carrying a bag of stories untold,

shows that dreams are dead, feelings are so hard fold,

and it cannot change, until We grow old,

and die… It’s the pain

Oh it’s a shallow dive in me,

the deepest secrets are locked.

That’s how it’s all hidden,

And only I know the pain.


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